Friday, 14 September 2012

the meeting

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William Cuthburt Saunders age 17.
Born into a comfortable situation William, or WC as his friends
used to tease, was the talented and rather handsome only son
of whom his parents, William Edwin Saunders Senior and Daphne
were justifiably proud. William was a serious young fellow
who, studying studiously, was obliging his father's ambition for
him to become a solicitor in the family practice. The Saunders had
a modest but well kept house in Islington, London and it was
whilst rushing home one chilled November evening that William
quite literally bumped into Edith. Head bowed and shoulders
hunched against the insistent wind he didn't see the young lady
as she stepped out of the shadows and they forcibly collided
sending them both reeling. As he adjusted himself he
couldn't help but notice that Edith's appariel was rather worn
and dirty and yet her face shone pretty and bright, flushed with
indignation; "foolish young boy; watch where you're bleedin going"
she screamed. William apologising profusely seized upon the
opportunity to spend more time with this intriging girl and
suggested a hot chocolate at the the corner house by way of
further saying sorry. To his surprise Edith agreed and it was whilst
seated in front of a roaring blaze, tucked away out of view of
fellow customers, that the girl slowly revealed herself and her
less than honest plan. Edith was the undoing of William Cuthburt
Saunders who smitten and estranged from his family was found
battered and dead in a darkened alleyway 1 year and 27 days
after this fateful meeting. Edith disappeared. William's mother
forever more kept this photograph wrapped safely in her babies
christening gown, shrouded in sorrow, at the back of
her stocking drawer.

Friday Find

Sky/Sea/Rock/Sand 1. Linda Dacey 2012
I am indeedy a lucky gal living predominantly here in Spain.
After 10 years in Northern France where the sun doesn't
shine so bright and the atmosphere is often damp living
further south is a revelation. It is rare to have an overcast day
here and the light is a joy: in the winter a jumper suffices. Now
this is what I call living. These past few weeks I have even been
sitting on the beaches and clifftops sketching in acrylics.
The colours of the sky/sea/rocks and sand are inspiring. The
modest original painting above is one of my most recent
efforts. Semi abstract it is an impression of a section of the Spanish
Coastline where I now live. Painted on special oil/acrylic paper
and mounted on a substantial watercolour stock it is signed
and ready to frame.

It measures; Actual image h: 17.7cm  w: 6.5cm 
Mounted image h: 20.4cm w: 16cm

£12.00 including worldwide shipping


polkadotpeticoat said...

My goodness what a story....poor boy!

Brown Paper & String said...

Is it a true story? Wow!

Vintage Jane said...

Gosh, that story is so sad. I thought they were going to fall in love and live happily ever after!

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