Thursday, 13 September 2012

female passion

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Essential Lifeform 1. Detail. Linda Dacey 2012

Historically the thought of sitting by a fire or candlelight embroidering
or mending/darning is, to my mind, a rather grim one
because of the gender role duty/obligation attached to the activity.
In the past sewing was either a genteel and social pastime for ladies
or a necessary skill to maintain a home or household.
These days not many of us females are obliged to hone our
homemaking skills and the role of sewing has generally shifted
into a leisure/hobby activity which we may or may not choose to do.
When out and about searching for stock for my vintage shop
I am inexplicably drawn to old fabrics and sewn up creations of
yesteryear. As I hold these items I am fascinated by the inherent
history stitched within and wonder about the story behind 
the hand that made them. I am in awe of the everso small and
consistently neat stitches which have stood the test of time.
The person that made the item long gone the item remains as
a testimony to the soul that created it: anonymously they have left
their mark upon this vast world of ours. My recent work is exploring
this notion of leaving my own mark through the feminine discipline of
sewing, afterall I am a female; and yet instead of creating functional
pieces or adorable softies I am twisting the purpose of sewing
to make completely abstract, possibly ugly, hybrid forms reminiscent of
faux and oftentimes phallic biological forms. I call them my 
essential life forms. I am using scraps of old French mattress fabric 
or old linen sheets to sew up my delights, which add another
layer of past and intrigue  to my babies. For beds are peculiarly
private and personal spaces and these associated fabrics have woven 
whispers of past lives warped deep within their weaves.  

Essential Lifeform 1.  Linda Dacey 2012
Thursday Treat
Having lived in Northern France  for 10 years and now living
between The UK, Spain and Bulgaria I realise that there
are only 2 things that I really miss about France. My friends
and the French delight and passion for Brocantes. Going
to and participating in the Brocantes borders on a national
obsession second only to cooking and sharing a meal. I
passionately miss my every weekend ritual of browsing
the many village fleamarkets and depot ventes. I found this
Vintage French Holy Water delight a while back and decided to
give it a slosh of the palest blue paint to update it. The Madonna
is a metal plaque and the glass water receptacle is held
in place by a metal bracket. All is in good condition and mounted
on a wooden backboard which comes with a ready to hang
at yours device behind.
It measures; h: 18.2cm w: 10cm d: 5.5cm
£24.00 including worldwide shipping  


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