Thursday, 6 September 2012


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By selling up, leaving France, and now living primarily in Spain
senor h and I have put down the foundations for a
creative/alternative lifestyle. Whilst admit[t]edtly{?} ageing!
we are not ageing hippies: and yet as I type this we are cooking
our vegetable curry on an open firepit. Honestly this makes
me smile: where is the clubbing girl who used to hang out
at the 'Ministry of Sound'.
So no debts/mortgage = time to experiment.
 And through creative play
exciting things happen.
Been sewing. This is something which I haven't done in years.
It soothes and amuses. Yet seriously I am exploring this historically
female activity in the context of leaving 'my' mark. The fabric I
use is often vintage French ticking which is faded/beautiful and
resonates with an unfathomable history. Inspired/fired; I am
sewing up a collection in anticipation of contacting galleries. [Gulp}.
Thursday Treat
Guru/mucker Ken always told me 'they love a bit a jesus'.
By jove and jolly the chap was right! However, this said Jesus
isn't exactly yer man! What really sells is the Madonna.
[I apologise to those of you who may find the previous a tad
near the mark: i guess I am a liberal/tolerant atheist. Live life
kindly and do as you wish for yourself to others. I do believe in spirits:
i have literally been 'touched' by them]. Anyway this small plaster
French flatback Madonna I found near Lille in Northern France.
I recently mounted her on recycle/upcycled whitewashed wood,
with a hanging device behind for ease of display. I love
religious iconography.
h: 11.5cm w:9cm d: 1.8cm
£16.00 including worldwide shipping.


trishie said...

Sounds like it's a wonderful time of your life pursuing creative interests that you love.

Britt-Marie Oskarsson said...

Hallo, I like it here...will come back soon...odd and old as I am...

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