Wednesday, 5 September 2012


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summer in Spain has been glorious and hot:
sunshine and blue practically nonstop

However, this heat has been the catalyst for a flea invasion
here on the finca. We quickly noticed that the new hound, Jessie,
was literally crawling with these unsavoury bugs. War was
declared and the sorry flea ridden furface faced the indignity
of constant bathing/combing and noxious potions to no avail.
Copious cash was invested in products promising flea destruction
but nothing worked until a neighbour recommended a
cheap as chips product which local farmers use on their herds!
It worked; the fleas abandoned the dog and de-camped to us! 
Once again in battle we tried everything and many more
frustrating hours were wasted fighting a losing battle. Until
eventually tenacious googling paid off:
apparently fleas cannot abide the odour of lemon:

fleas are horrid/fleas are pests
they can't stand the whiff of zest
Die mother-f * * * * * s die: job done.
Wednesday Wonder

original collage 'fashionista' Linda Dacey 2012
Brocantes are in my blood. I am never happier than when I
am strolling the French tree lined avenues searching for my
treasure. I say I am never happier but to be honest this is not
entirely true: I love creating. This collage is assembled with
French paper ephemera and concentrates on the feminine activity
of sewing and fashion; afterall every little girl loves dressing up
and adores a new dress. 
Actual collage: h: 22cm w: 17cm
With mount: h: 29.7cm w: 21cm
£24.00 including worldwide shipping.


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

fleas! you are bringing back 'fond' memories of my brush with fleas - oh my! But what a top tip - lemon - who knew!

Vintage Jane said...

I used to work in a cattery and found myself constantly bitten. I still have the scars from some bites that I scratched till my skin bled!

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