Friday, 7 September 2012


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Regular readers will perhaps recognise my grey furface friend
'puppy' in the image above. {The marmalade cheeky tom was
our mate rusty. Rusty was un chat Francais: he was a large
cheery cat with a personality to match. Sadly he disappeared
and we never found out what happened to him}. The other
hound is 'Jessie': senor h's new companion. She is indeed
a Spanish star: smart/loyal/obedient and fun. The only
problem is that within 2 days of her arrival my faithful 
Miniature Schnauzer, consumed with jealousy, walked up the
track in a huff never to be seen again. This happened about 4
months ago and despite our best efforts we have had no luck
finding him. I remain sad and know that for forever more I
will wonder what became of my pal.
Friday Find

When I was a little girl I used to love it when my Dad told
me a story. I would be tucked up snug in my covers and Dad
would lie beside me on the bed atop of the blankets:
oftentimes he too would nod off and Mum would have to rouse
him later and he would sneak out quietly thinking I was asleep.
Dad's repertoire of tales was perhaps a tad limited but this
never stopped us from embellishing upon his storylines. These
Spanish Storyteller prompting cards would have been a winner
all ways around at ours. I found them, recently, in a charming
secondhand bookshop in Madrid. The illustrations are charming
and the colours are beautiful and soft because of being printed on a
quality matt paper. All 12 cards are in great condition and there is 
a small card wallet to keep them safe. On the reverse of each
card, in Spanish, is the official version of the tale; however what
fun to make up your own story. Alternatively these images
would look mighty fine framed up as a set.

Each card measures h: 10.5cm w: 7.5cm

£9.00 including worldwide shipping



polkadotpeticoat said...

Hello, My new puppy at the vet visit said he is showing sign of aggressive behavior.....your puppy is so sweet!
I'm so sorry I have not visited I have been so busy lately working with hubby.....I would love to enter your giveaway Momma!

gallerydarrow said...

Oh my I would be beside myself, sorry about that, I hope you put ID on the new one. I had a runaway dog that had *reward printed on the tag. The kids got 10.00 the adults got my husbands pottery :)


Satin and Souffles said...

Oh gosh I would be distraught! I hope he's ok ( & you!) & happy wherever he is! xx

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