Monday, 10 September 2012



Whilst I actually registered my Etsy shop in April 2010 I didn't
start listing/selling until September 2010. So my little store,
odd and old, has now been open for business for 2 years.
In this time I have had 363 sales which whilst respectable is not
moving any mountains/more molehill me thinks. And so over the
summer I, with the help of Senor 'h', have been assessing
the situation. Now please do not think me greedy; riches from
Etsy I seek not, rather a reliable income to support
my creative dreams and pay the modest outgoings I have:
'This Artist does not wear Prada'. Comparing like for like
and after much rumination the only 'thing' that we could
identify as an area for improvement was the photography.
Now I believe in honesty: a bottle is a bottle. I have avoided
'dressing' my shots; preferring instead to shoot them on
chippy white darn honest shutters. This pleases me but as 'h'
points out 'me' is not the audience. Thus I am in the process of
updating/styling all my stock images. i would love to hear your
thoughts on this and any other pointers that may spring
to mind. Thanks mighty generous and mightily appreciated.

Monday Moment

I love candles and the ambient lighting they exude. This is,
quite honestly, just as well as here on the lost finca electricity
is scarce with a capital 'S'. Playing/losing cards on the terrace
with senor 'h' and a tipple or two by flickering flame is a
cheap pleasure. So, I have made a few candle sconces {ssssss} 
and here is one for you to enjoy at yours. I made this with recycled
wood/a French Tartelette Tin/French Vintage Key. It comes solid
and ready to hang.
It measures; h: 19.5cm w: 12cm d: 8cm  
£25.00 including worldwide shipping



polkadotpeticoat said...

Yes yes will see a huge difference!
I have always loved them just as they are though but in all the selling pointer books they say people have to be able to visualize the merchandise in there own home.
So from having the shop all those years display work is very have had fabulous sales though Momma just as you were doing it!! I would buy you out if I could your store is my favorite....

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Hello again Linda!

with ref to 'before and after'....if you would like my humble opinion I would very tactfully point out that; the 'after' is to fussy (and too many dark shadows) and the 'before' has something missing? I bet that is a fabulous jug - as you have lovely taste and a great 'eye' but I think sometimes people need to be told how to 'use' something. Maybe put it in situ or style it as you would use it?
Don't listen to anyone else I bet you already feel whats right or wrong.....
Bestest etc

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Oh backgrounds! Backgrounds and Etsy! I had someone msg me on Etsy, probably over a year ago - and told me, straight up, my backgrounds were too contrasting (I liked to put my jewellery on black to let the silver be seen). She said, meh, you won't get in many treasuries with black or coloured backgrounds as most treasuries look better with a consistent white / pale background. And the more treasuries you are in the more chance of getting on the front page blah blah, potential sales etc.
That said - getting on the front page is VERY rare and probably NOT a reason to change all ones backgrouds - but I did - like you - in desperation. I think giving ones shop and overhaul every now and again is a good thing to do. For my money - I like the pulled thread table cloth OR the red 'rosebud' fabric. And yes, the idea of it on a table, or next to a window could work. Or include other props - a wee flower or something lying by the side (this gets in the stylist territory though - not something I can claim to know anything about). That, as they say, is my two pence worth. PS I like the quality of light in the 2nd picture - it has more 'life' about it. The before image is flatter.

Jane said...

I think white background works best for that photo, but it depends what it is, maybe some things need props...I always think good lighting is the best tip...your things are lovely :) xxx

One Little Star said...

I am always having trouble with backgrounds. Maybe put the white background as the main picture and the other as an additional 2nd photo.

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