Tuesday, 11 September 2012

national catalonia day

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The 11th of September is the National Day of Catalonia. This region
of Spain is highly individual and even has it's own language: Catalan.
It is a day of holiday commemorating the defeat of Catalan troops
during the war of the Spanish succession. The troops who supported
the Hapsburg Dynasty were defeated at the siege of Barcelona, by the
Bourbon army of Phillippe the V of Spain, after 14 months of
resistance on the 11th of September 1714. After the fall of the Franco
Dictatorship the Catalan authorities reinstated the National Day of
Catalonia and throughout the region demonstrations/celebrations
are embraced. The Catalans are fiercely proud of their heritage
and are deeply offended if you call them Spanish: they are, indeed,
Catalan. Their language is taught in schools and all youngsters
speak Catalan and Spanish. Catalan is their language of choice
and it has a small resemblance to French which helps me enormously!
Today senor 'h' and I have been invited, by the adjuntament/council
to join the local artists' table for a celebration Paella. Sounds jolly,
fine and dandy good to us.

Tuesday Treasure

Ok, so this object is certainly not very politically correct: an ashtray.
Personally I have never even had a puff of a cigarette. I did out
of curiosity try to try smoking once but I just couldn't quite get my
head around the idea of inhaling smoke and I remember the fag
clasped between my fingers hovering aimlessly midair. My
preffered vice is alcohol which ultimately is not alot better: so
who am I to judge. However I do hate cigarettes. However I do love
vintage smoking paraphenalia. This ashtray amuses me with it's
obvious contradiction: pretty sweet smelling blooms to stub out
your stinking butt! I found it in a French Brocante and it is a 1950's
advertising piece promoting a wonder cleaning product/wax
which the maker states is waterproof and great for lino.
As a non smoker I think it would be rather cool to store earrings
and other suchlike mini treasures.
It measures; h:1.3cm w:12.2cm d: 12.2cm.
£15.00 including worldwide shipping.

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Cari-Jane Hakes said...

oh how fabulous to be part of a local festivity!

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