Sunday, 21 November 2010

steep learning curve...

Having been married, for 11 years, to the biggest liar in the 
world there is one thing that i cannot stand in others which is dishonesty. 

so i have been deeply affected by my run in with the australian one 
who has openly called me dishonest and questioned my integrity via 
negative feedback on my etsy shop. things got slightly worse 
this morning when i recieved a conversation from Etsy 
saying that another client in the USA was lodging a complaint 
for non delivery. this chap didn't think to contact me prior to doing this; 
possibly because he made assumptions based upon my negative feedback 
that i am a cheat. what a sad and damaging situation. mud sticks!

i realise that my 'crime' has been, to once again in my life, be too 
naive and  trusting of others. by not outlining my etsy shop policies 
i have stupidly left myself wide open for attack. 
so i have been ammending this situation 
this weekend and been sending etsy conversations to all recent clients 
informing them of this dilemma and delivery 
difficulties and setting out shop policies on etsy. pheww.
so imagine my delight with this 'innocent' little dessin cahier which i found yesterday...


Krystal said...

yahhh best to outline policies :( sorry that sucks!

Chrissy said...

Oh, man, that sucks! Hope you'll have better luck in the future!

Heidi said...

This is why selling online so scares me these bag eggs out in the world but then for the few there are so many wonderful ones....truth always prevails!

you will do well because you are honest and you have amazing products!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your etsy shop and was thrilled with my purchases...all the way in Savannah, Georgia USA
and remember...cream always rises to the top

I will shop with you again & again!

xo Cheryl Day

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

oh terrible,I'm so sorry for you!But don't be scared because the only person who is negative on your shop is she.
And if you are searching on her shop she is a terrible customer..other people wrote!!

So don't let it take over your lovely shop and mood !! Sharpen your policies and go on.maybe you can write that you don't be responsible for the lost packages but customers always can order with insurance(at their costs).In The Netherlands it's possible to do this.O, and you can put your blog link on the people immediatly see you blog(and are able to read this ;)

What a lovely cahier you have found...wonderful :)

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