Thursday, 18 November 2010

sensitive and stressed...

yesterday was not a cheery day for me.
not sure about the social blogosphere etiquette about sounding off on air; 
however, here goes. (sorry in advance).
have been really enjoying my etsy business and have met many generous people. 
unfortunately this week i have encountered my first dud! 
a woman in australia has completely destabilised me with her intransience, and meanness. 
she ordered 5 items from me which i posted to her on the 02.11.10 in 2 seperate packages. 
the first was more like a letter which she apparently recieved after about 5 days. 
the second was a small parcel which seemingly she still has not recieved. 
now i understand that this seems odd, however from contact with other long distance 
clients i have come to realise that packages can take 3 weeks or more to arrive to far flung places.
i have tried to politely explain this to her and asked that she wait until the end of the month 
to see if her orders arrive. i have promised a refund the start of december 
should the package not turn up. to me this seems reasonable?
however, she has chosen to leave negative and less than honest feedback on my etsy store 
and has descimated my credibility with her nasty comments.
i wonder if, should the package arrive soon, and not be lost in the postal void for good,
she will have the decency to retract her comments and eat humble pie?


i am so sad and disappointed and my blood is fizzing; where is the trust? 

so, the upshot is i have the 'ups' man passing by next week to see if i can 
organise a more efficient, yet still cost effective, shipping solution.

(post script: thanks to loyal clients for your support).

still i managed to isolate myself yesterday and create this little delight...

matter 2. 2010


Chrissy said...

Oh no, how rude!! Packages to overseas just take their time!! Once a package from my parents in Germany took 6 weeks to get here to the States! She should show a bit more patience...she is the one who ordered from overseas in the first place! She should know how long it takes and...she should know how to behave!!

Carissa Shapiro said...

so sorry : ( Completely understand your frustrations. Some people are just so insensitive and have no regard for others. It's really unfortunate : (

Jude said...

Argh, how frustrating! I can completely understand how you feel. Hopefully, people can be smart enough to read between the lines (I do that with negative reviews). And here's to many more successes to overcome that 1 negative person!

Heidi said...

I'd like to tell her I waited 3 months once for a parcel from Australia and 2 months from France years ago! Did my feedback help how about my caustic comment, cheer up she is a stupid woman and we all love you...a big hug to Linda. I would like to throw a pie at her!haha

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Oh what a sad day she gave you!
I can understand how you felt..arrhg what an impatient person to write immediatly a nasty comment on you shop!
But maybe when you give her the money back and the parcels arrive on her adress..she have them for Maybe she's that kind of person? Next time you have to send them with ensurance,you can trace them..I think.

But I have to say you really created a wonderful piece of work!

etre-soi said...

This is awful, I know exactly what you are feeling, I'm so sorry, there are really weird people in the world.
One day I sold to Greece and it took a month to get there and to NY it arrives generally in 4 days or so, fortunately the customer was a sweety. One thing that can maybe "help" a bit, I just looked at your shop and see that you have no policies, you must write there your shop policies especially when it comes to shipment and that you are not responsible for lost or dammage on the shipment and that if they want a covered ( registered) shipment it is possible but costs are not the same, so that they are aware before buying.
I don't know if it's possible to go back once you have writen a feedback.
Sending you a lot of positive thoughts your way.

LAURA!!! said...

What a horrid woman. She must be very unhappy in life, and therefore cannot trust.
I will hop on over to etsy and leave some superb feedback, as your shop and all is downright perfect. Hopefully that will counteract negative nancy's review.

I'm loving this piece. I'm thinking it would look nice on my wall next to where I hang my jewelry!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I think you can get Etsy to remove the negative comment as really she can't leave the feedback until she has waited a while for delivery. Also, often letters are faster...the flatter they are the faster they go...don't know why its just one of those random things. You can't please all the people all the time, only some of the people some of the time (as my dad used to tell me). That aside, your anger is justified. You have done your bit. I feel your pain.

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