Wednesday, 17 November 2010


have been pondering on a series of assemblages which are conceived under
the title 'matter'. as usual thinking about how, as individuals, we leave our mark
on the world. the objects, photographs, memories, things and traces that remain.  
thinking about this i realise that the only physical proof of a person's existence 
 which survives after death are hair, teeth, bone and nails; even these can be destroyed 
through flame, or earth, unless someone holds on to a precious lock of hair 
 or baby tooth. how beautiful is hair when alive and vibrant, but a lock 
saved takes on another sadder slightly sinister significance altogether. 
am seeing all this from a female perspective...


Heidi said...

Linda I love that, I can totaly see that in a cluster with your other work....someday when my ship comes but for now I'm one up the gloves are off.....wicked laugh people are going to think were nutty! I loved your mouse story, loved it, I probably would have fainted!

LAURA!!! said...

this a very nice and I am really interested in the concept. Very intriguing.

Krystal said...

for some reason it reminds me of a dream catcher...but this is more catching...zeitgeist or something :)

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