Tuesday, 16 November 2010

winter and scarves...

today is the first foggy real wintery day and it is difficult to see across the road. 
i have just finished 4 hours of wrapping, sticking and addressing etsy sales and have now 
got to trot to the post office. i need to wrap up warm. my mind turns to;

                                                 i like a vintage scarf
                                               oh yes i really do

                   check out my latest etsy

                                                  theres one or two for you.


oooh post script: for those of you who missed it i have a new virtuel gallery: http://lindadacey.blogspot.com


Heidi said...

I love those, that floral one is my favorite!
I'll email you today friend hey were in a tie so far!

LAURA!!! said...

oh that plaid-ish one is stellar. And I am liking your gallery blog a lot.

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh those are adorable!

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