Monday, 10 February 2014


For the foreseeable future I am living and working in a small UK seaside
town which goes by the name of Felixstowe. I wasn't sure about coming
here but Mr Handsome's work dictated that we do so. A lucky accident
indeed. I love the gritty real life ambiance of this town with it's working
shipping container port and quaint seafront with colourful beach huts. 
We have made some lovely friendships and I have opened a small concept 
studio/shop here - happily it has been well received and I am daily astonished 
at the diverse range of talented, creative and alternative people that pop by
and populate the county of Suffolk.

Having 'a real' shop is fun but naturally it isn't portable
thus I am once again working on an online store.
It is called 'After Antoinette' and combines my passion
for sourcing and selling vintage and 
showcases/sells my Art.

Today I listed this bonkers donkey!

Cheerio for now.

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