Saturday, 8 February 2014

been a while and a rebrand

It has been virtually 10 months since last I posted on this here blog of mine, 
and an awful lot has happened - mostly good I'm happy to say. 
I wonder what has become of all my virtual friends? and hope that life 
has been kind to all of you?

Today I will not bore you with the recent developments in my life. 
I think a slow reveal in the coming weeks will be of more value to those 
of you who may still care?

Suffice to say that after this extended break I have reassessed my
direction and efforts and the result is a rebranding. 

Odd and Old has evolved into After Antoinette and I no longer
have my Etsy store but have launched a dot com instead.

I am working hard on my art and still selling vintage in a real live shop.

Life is good.

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