Tuesday, 12 February 2013

life is never dull

Senor Handsome and I have looked at it all ways and whichever
way we look at it, drastic positive action is needed. So I am off to
the UK as advance party. The plan is for me to pave the way
and hit the ground running by selling vintage to my British clients,
forging new contacts with independent shops to sell my handmade
cards and ultimately approach some galleries and discuss my options
regarding my art. I am lucky as I have my parents to live with and
great friends in and around London. Both have given me a 'pay day'
loan to kick start the plan. Within 6 weeks or so Handsome and hound
will join me and whilst the furface will do little else than amuse, Rick
will get work trucking. And then we will see.

[thanks for the satnav handsome - no need for a map
or unnecessary stressing}

And so my car bulging with Odd and Old stock, art and supplies and my
personal shite, I hit the road tomorrow morning. I am driving up
through France buying small vintage delights en route and staying
with friends near Lille at the weekend before hitting England on the
18th of February.

I will miss my man, son, hound, home and the Spanish sunshine.

Yet this is a necessary adventure which will hopefully put in place live
lucrative and workable contacts for our return to Spain, and allow
us to come back with a small stash of cash in reserve.

Adios amigos, be safe and see you soon once in blighty.

x ...   ***



polkadotpeticoat said...

I wish you all the best for a safe and very lucrative trip....a friend put some of her wares in a gallery, I didn't know some of them take 60% of the take....wow!
Have a great trip!
p.s. Storm was amazing.....
take care, Heidi

Brown Paper & String said...

Wow! Go you! Hope all your plans go smoothly.
Jo x

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