Tuesday, 19 February 2013

fired up

I am now in the UK.

The road trip through France was long and I arrived, in the Nord, weary
yet eager to spend a happy weekend searching the brocantes for beautiful
vintage to sell and use and transform in my art. Browsing through boxes
on a damp and foggy morning I was once again in my element - although
rather disgusted by the weather... I caught up with French friends and
ate rather alot of cheese!
Today will be a busy one. I need to empty my car and then
sort out new tyres and an mot for it. I must buy paint to upcycle
some smallscale furniture finds in readiness for a delivery to an
eager client on Friday and I hope to squeeze in a visit to the art
store for much needed supplies. And yet en route I had plenty of
time to think and reflect upon my plans and the development of
my art and life - It is time to shake it up, get down and dirty and
grab that darn bull by the horns and ride it cowboy. 

B is for busy.

derelict via  365blanc / Time Passing Linda Dacey 2010

Hope all is well at yours...
x ...   ***


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