Wednesday, 19 December 2012

memory cultures

In between trying to garner a more far reaching professional
online presence, in essence laying down the foundations
for a more successful and active 2013, I have been creating.
For a while I have been playing around with ideas which,
as usual for me in a very broad and abstract sense, centre
on the wide theme of how as individuals we leave our mark on
this worldly plane. Working title: Memory Cultures.

memory culture: 1 mixed media Linda Dacey 2012
memory culture:2 mixed media Linda Dacey 2012
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1 comment:

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I think these would be lifted if they were presented in a frame. I think a lot of people can't make the leap of imagination to see how this would look on their on own sometimes we have to go the extra mile and really spell it out.
There....that was my constructive criticism for you.
A nice big frame, with lots of negative space, possibly deep, shadow box type of frame. Easier said than done I suspect!

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