Friday, 14 December 2012

getting into the spirit

So here on the forgotten Finca the fire is roaring. And dripping
summer sweat in blazing Spanish sun is but a distant memory.
The place is cosy and yesterday Senor Handsome and I
toddled around the overgrown hectares to choose a Fir to disguise
as our Christmas tree. Times are tough for many financially
and we are just two amongst the many. Christmas on a shoestring:
getting back to basics - simple pleasures: not so very bad.

Storm will be us on Boxing Day/26th with his girlfriend! My son is
all grown and we can now share a bottle or two of Spanish Cava.
Cheers big ears...
I wonder how are your plans going?
x ...   ***

1 comment:

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

horay for visiting son and tag along girlfriend, even more horray for shared cava - sounds divine to me! I'm doing my first ever Christmas Dinner for the hungry hoards :/ Wish me luck :)

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