Wednesday, 19 September 2012

men and boy

Men and Boy at Bullfight. Digital Collage. Linda Dacey 2012
When I think of Spain certain things spring to mind:
Flamenco, Tapas, Cerveza, Chorizo, Paella, Bullfight.
When I lived in Northern France the only legal 'Cock Fight'
ring, in France, [I was told on good authority}, 
was a spit and a skip down the road. On Saturday
evenings old boys would park up and enter the establishment
with baskets containing their prize fighting cockerels. Now this,
as all animal baiting/fighting, I find supremely inhumane,
bizarre, barbaric and shamefully kind of fascinating. Steeped in
history I wonder what the fascination is on rearing and caring
for a creature to then cruelly offer it up for suffering and misery
in the name of sport. Although subversively tempted to go I
never did. The idea of fight and contest is primeval and, I sadly
believe, inherent in us humans. I vividly remember visiting the
Colleseum in Rome when I was 16 and being sickeningly
intrigued by the history of Gladiators, Christians and Lions.
And so today in Spain I ponder the classic bullfight. I have no
real desire to go and witness this spectacle but like a moth to
light I am tempted. Howso and why? It is hard to have a
solid opinion and formulate a convincing arguement, for/against
when you have not yourself witnessed an event.
What say you?
Wednesday Wonder
Vintage Madonna. Digital Collage on Wood. Linda Dacey 2012

This Vintage Style Digital Collage of a French Madonna is
an artwork which I have created using vintage finds and
manipulating them digitally on my Mac. The image has been
printed onto a quality cartridge paper which enhances it's
faded and softly blurred age worn appearance. It has then been
mounted onto a recycled piece of weathered wood. It comes
with a hanging device behind. Signed this is an open edition. 
Mounted it measures; h: 16cm w: 12cm d: 2cm
The actual image area measures; h: 13.6cm w: 10cm
£18.00 including worldwide shipping.



Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Linda ...I'm loving that man and boy..collage, what a clever girl you are?
Betsest etc etc Daisy x

Krystal said...

hmmm, i hate the idea of it i think. my friend was recently there and went to a bull thing and i did NOT like the pics!

Brown Paper & String said...

Oh Linda, you're so clever! Love these! x

Brown Paper & String said...

Also, you should keep doing more along these lines. I think they will be popular! (Just some feedback from a random person!!! ;-))

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I agree - collage is lovely. As for bull fights - from a distance and removed I'm against it - I think perhaps, when you are in the culture there is an element of 'how does THIS fit in with this country and where I am?' And that could be where a part of your curiosity lies. Also - I think there is such a thing as 'crowd mentality' and being carried along by such a thing. That said, it is a complicated emotion / situation that probably can't be summed up in a blog comment.

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