Wednesday, 28 March 2012


best laid plans and all that
curve balls abound

storm arrived
with UK driving licence in hand

(i insisted he get this
before coming to spain
as house a tad isolated)

in the UK you can drive at 17
in spain the legal age is 18
so i bought the boy a runner
funny little car bit like a blue yoghurt pot

(brings back happy memories
of my first car bought for me by my parents
a baby poo coloured mini
which when it rained
i had to bail out with a crisp packet
fond memories indeed)

anyway to the hiccup

UK ex pat insurance services
will only insure named drivers
with 2 plus years licence
and spanish insurance cannot insure anyone under 18

have son have european licence have car
but he cannot legally drive

just call me joe the taxi
for the next 4 months

so tell me do you remember your first car



polkadotpeticoat said...

Yes a icky light colored brown citation it was a hand me down from my Grandmother who had passed away....I looked like a granny in it!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

He he! I had a silver Mini Mayfair....had to stay up two nights in a row to get an architectural project finished and ended up driving into a lamp post in the University car park at 5mph....sleep deprivation, dangerous!

Voyager said...

Yeah, I remember very well my first car..
It was an old mk 2 Ford Escort (black with a red "go faster" stripe down the middle of it. I loved it, it looked cool... until I mis judged a parking space that had those great big wooden posts at the start of each space, I only cliped the post very lightly and the front wing "fell" off.... I was gutted.

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