Friday, 14 October 2011

why bulgaria...

are you sitting comfortably
then i will begin

                          (in fact this phrase is a british child of the 60's
                                                             memory from infant television) 

              i digress/not diversify mrs

as many of you
 fellow creatives out there
no doubt
know from bitter experience
it can be difficult to pay the bills
on the back of
ones creativity alone

diversification is necessary

but the risk is always of distraction
and getting lost along the way

modern life is expensive
and the allure of bulgaria is
the fact that everyday life
is still alot cheaper than the rest of europe

add into the mix
free housing in the form
of handsomes paid up house
and hey presto
bulgaria burns bright

the plan is to live a quiet and productive life

to try to get ahead after
lifes little deceptions
to regroup
to give up the battle
in the hope
of winning the war

and the bonus is
that bulgaria as an ex communist regime
is in development
and this evolution
means new and old make interesting bed chums
a mine of visual inspiration for someone
like myself
obsessed with the passage of time
and how we as individuals leave our mark upon this world

once the assimulation process
is complete
and the tools of the trade arrive
let the creativity begin

please be



CowRoad said...

Very, very exciting!!! Can't wait to see which way your creativity will lead you! :-)

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

sounds like a good place to begin again!

Greenorchid said...

HMMMM space , peace and rust sounds good to me!!
I look forward to seeing more...

gallerydarrow said...

I had to look Bulgaria up on a map. What language are you speaking these days?

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