Thursday, 13 October 2011

so much to share...

the journey to bg
with lots of visual loveliness
is not finished

(please stiffle that yawn mrs)

but thought i'd share a few images
of my new and immediate surroundings

home sweet home


view from loo

bulgaria is beautiful and evolving
no rubbish recyling here
but neighbours keen to re-use nails etc
and yet faster internet access than uk or france
installed within 24 hours
         and pay a fixer a nominal fee
                 and paperwork sorted fast and efficiently
            take heed france

a country on the verge of rebirth
with vital young
and traditional elderly

i think i may well fall in love
but am still in cultural shock
for the moment



Brown Paper & String said...

Wow! You have moved to Bulgaria??!!!

CowRoad said...

Wow indeed! It does sound like you've moved their indefinitely???
It does look fabulous! :-)

gallerydarrow said...

View from the loo looks like the American Southwest. I thought you were going to live in Spain? He's to your spirit of adventure, I'm officially jealous btw :)

More pictures please! xoxo

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