Wednesday, 4 May 2011

smiley update...

a while back
i told you how my son storm
was off to the uk to live with his dad
and how he quickly got work
in a country house hotel in the kitchen

well sadly
although on time and diligent
he was rumbled
not passionate enough about food
so not taken on as an apprentice
drat drat darn and drat

since then he has been busy filling out
application forms for this
that and the other
thankfully he was rejected as
a full time crew member at mcdonalds
(phew close shave)

he has been gardening and babysitting
and helping out at his little sisters school
where the littler than him little ones
call him
            mr whiteley
    ( g u f f a w )
the headmistress gave him a glowing reference
he was a hit

storm with his lovely little half sister the pickle maddie

the other week he went for an interview
as a nursery assistant
and had a half hour trial
with a six month old baby
he was shortlisted

last wednesday
down to the last two candidates
he had a trial day helping out with the nursery
cutting sticking minding playing
he had fun and it went well

yesterday he called me to say

mum i got the job
and they told me that i was
 by way the best
candidate for the post

smiles from ear to ear
my baby is gonna look after babies
how sweet
and how proud i am

(well done stormy i love you)



Krystal said...

good for him!!!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

super big congratulations! A real boost for his confidence and it sounds like it will be a great job! (good holiday package :))

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