Thursday, 5 May 2011

another land...

and so i live in
northern france
near lille
on the border
 with belgium

the french
(rather like the english with the irish)
often make the belgian the butt of any joke

          belguim is cast as a dull land full of dullards
          this could not be further from the truth
          for a small country it has alot of heart
          and i have found the belgians to be
          a more open less judgemental fun loving bunch

i by far prefer the belgian mentality
to that of the french
and if i were intending staying
here in northern europe
would happily leave france
and settle in the land of
the chocolatier

not far from where i live
is a town called tournai
it has a hip and happening vibe
and lots of character and history

i love tournai

i like belgians
 i love their beer



gallerydarrow said...

Oh gosh, me too, my favorite brew is Saint Bernardis, let's head into that pub............xoxo

alice said...

Just found your site from Prior lives. I too love Belgium. Have you been to Bruges? It is magical to me. Would love to go back one more time. Love the pictures.
Smiles, Alice

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful place... have a great weekend!

Laura-Bear said...

ooo what fun! great pics and vibe. xoxo

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