Tuesday, 17 May 2011

give praise for friends...

vintage french plaster madonna

what my good friend nick
doesn't know about antiques
ain't worth knowing
he is an oracle of info
and over the years has
(with his wife garland)
shared his knowledge generously

belief jar

nick has a mate ken

ken has the golden touch
a dealer extraordinaire

ken says

a bit of jesus always goes down well

and he ain't wrong (mrs)



Krystal said...

"a bit of jesus always goes down well" i like that :)

Kristin H said...

Sweet post!

ellie said...

This is just such a unique item. I've live in the mid-west and rural New York. In both places out in the fields I've seen a dedicated place for holy things. But never a jar quite like this.

Cool Post!

polkadotpeticoat said...

Bravo were almost there, I'm on my knees!
your so cute , send me your link so I can put the button on I'll try! will post today with a story.

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