Thursday, 14 April 2011


i cannot believe that i am the only one
who often struggles for subject matter
for blog posts
       we all know that it is not a good idea
       to go dark for an extended period
but hey i am jaded
          i think i need to rethink
my l'il ole blogs content
after nearly a year of posting

it is time to shake it up and up the anty

yet the question is how

any thoughts peoples...

off to blighty for a few days
a change is as good as a rest
hope to be inspired

enjoy your weekends



Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

A thought for you. A photo of anything during the day that makes you smile. No one may comment, but I find I like to remember what makes me smile.

Brown Paper & String said...

I have been thinking about asking the same question of my readers. Mmmmmmmm
For me I love reading personal stories. Loved reading about your son!
Hope you find inspiration soon.
Jo xxx

Heidi said...

Ditto Momma....have fun!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I know how you feel! It is hard work coming up with inspiring original content. Something I read yesterday which I thought sounded good was to give your readers an insight into your work - in your case, hunting for those perfect vintage treasures - give them an idea how difficult this can be, the time it takes etc. Just and idea. And yes - I loved the post about your son - although it was sad, the fact that you were apart, it was a lovely detail and was a glimpse of your heart - and readers feel like they 'know' just a little bit about you. Bon Voyage Madam - have some fish and chips for me xx

Rebekah Leigh said...

I would love reading about the new things in your shops and about your art work, you do have the most beautiful items in your shops and your art is very interesting.I hope you enjoy england, I hope the sun comes out for you :-)

LadyMacaron20ten said...

I hope you find inspiration soon:) Just to let you know I bought the gorgeous little set of French stamps from you on Etsy and hope to use food colouring to stamp them onto macarons. Not sure how it will work out but keep posted on my blog

A big thank you. xoxox

gallerydarrow said...

I like seeing where people live, their towns, houses and gardens.

I hope you're enjoying your jaunt, ohhh take some pictures!

xo Ro

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