Wednesday, 20 April 2011

beauty and my beasts...

(firstly big thanks for your thoughts on my last post)

uk was good but now
back to the real world

weather is so good
makes me smile

this morning cracked on with chores

hairy legs waxed
(no longer fly woman)
                 and rug jet washed and disinfected

i have a dog and 2 cats

puppy my hound is a tad neurotic
but a good and clean fur-face
rusty and hope are in constant dispute
and they live to mark territory
and pee on my most expensive rug
making the house smell
intermitently (?)
like the elephant house at london zoo

lovely dear

and oh 
how they delight in killing
other little creatures



Bella Bheag said...

Hope you were able to soak up some sunshine. We are having good some good weather further north but will it last until the Easter break....?

Heidi said...

George found a vitim of road kill and Phil keeps hiding it and he finds it....pesky poodle!
One package came but the second one has not yet, I'm going to post it all at once...can't wait!
your a stinker I adore it! you did not need to do that.

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