Tuesday, 1 March 2011

only 9 euro's...

 digital collage
have decided to offer signed high quality 
limited edition run digital prints of some of my images in the 
affordable art section of odd and old


what you see here is a photograph of 
a digitally printed original collage which has 
initially been scanned tweaked and printed onto 
a quality sheet of A4 cartridge paper 
for this post and etsy

(and if you follow that congratulations 
cos i managed to confuse myself whilst writing it)

i'm not called hamster or goldfish for nothing

what are you secretly called? 


Jane said...

I don't have secret name but I wish I did now,maybe I'll have to go and think of one :)
Lovely prints x x x x x

Zaira said...

Thank you Linda, so sweet og you for leaving a comment! I've travelled in the north of France too and love Normandy & Brittany! But Provence has a special appeal to me


Heidi said...

I am secretly called by my Father Heidi Hippo Page, I love your new art Momma and at such a great bprice tah boot!!! MISSED YA too, Momma. Yeah were done, what a loooooong month and as soon as I get their check I'm going to treat myself from all this hardwork to a little Odd and Old!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

These look great! Love them.
Secret name, hmmm? Goof, by my husband...not nice ;)

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