Thursday, 3 February 2011

if i were...

once again 'h' at
comes up trumps
nominating me for the stylish blogger award
if i understand correctly
i am supposed to tell you 
7 little known tidbits about myself

1 if i were colour i'd be purple

2 if i were animal i'd be dormouse

3 if i were car i'd be smart

4 if i were food i'd be meringue

5 if i were flower i'd be forget-me-not

6 if i were element i'd be air

7 if i were rich i'd be generous

bah voila

i think at this point i am expected to nominate some other inspirational others 
but have to apologise as i can't quite decide who as too much talent out there
stay tuned...


Heidi said...

My word Linda your a knockout in the beauty department....Not odd or old but perfect!

Heidi said...

Yeah, I figured it out...take a look!

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