Wednesday, 9 February 2011


like a spider spinning thread out of its own belly

                              a diary is a lifeline to an innermost self 

         often it is the only place someone can be honest

alexandra johnson author

creativity comes in many guises
and we all have the artist within us
some of us can draw, 
some can bake or garden or sew
each activity is an artistic expression

certain individuals keep journals or diaries or sketch or scrap books

part of the pleasure of these activities is the journal itself
and i am mildly surprised at the popularity and 
sales of vintage cahiers on 

this weekend i found a groovy stash of never used 
exercise books which i have started to upcycle 
via collage with original 1953 images

decent writing takes time great writing is illusive

i wonder if this is this something you enjoy


Heidi said...

those are nice....I love the images!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

love the upcycled journals.. I've never kept one.. yet I think my blog has become a sort of journal for me.. since I started it I am always jotting down ideas and playing with photos..

Thanks for your kind comment ... glad to bring someone cheer.. Hope today treats you well [better] .. ciao xxx Julie

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