Thursday, 10 February 2011

if i could i would...

times are real tough here in europe
alot of people are feeling the squeeze
the global recession is starting to bite real deep now
and people are getting a little shaky

so i thought i'd play
                            if i could i would

if i could i would

go to the hairdresser to hide the grey
         go out with a friend to share the day

                  buy my son gifts to make him smile
  get some new trainers and walk awhile

go to the cinema see a great flic
share my good fortune always the trick

             book a hotel and meet with my man
     remember to be fun and less like a gran

            fill my sad fridge with goodies galore
have a great party and open my door

get up in the morn to see the sun
and hear the birds tweet would be more fun

sell my house pack up and go
hola mrs spain time to go slow

tell me what do you dream of these days?



Heidi said...

Ditto to all, an amazing store in Anchorage is closing and it's so sad but she said she just could not hold on any longer in this sad. I hope it starts to pick up soon and I believe it will it always does!

Heidi said...

OOPS, I'm dreaming of taking a trip
somewhere warm where the shopping is great and my purse is stuffed with money! oh and I'm slim and everything looks amazing on me!!haha

gallerydarrow said...

Dreaming of wold peace, might as well dream big!

Pinecone Camp said...

I love that poem! I need to print it out and hang it in my office. merci!

KERRY said...

Fabulous! I would do all of those things too (even the hiding grey...found my first couple the other day shhhh...not a good day) :(

KERRY said...

p.s. I dream of a little bit more time to myself...and sleep would be nice...if my Bertie slept better at night, then things would be a lot easier (and maybe no grey)!

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