Monday, 24 January 2011

spring and beauty...

for a few days now it has been milder
the birds are singing at dawn and dusk
i feel a tension in the air
nature is eager to bring forth new life

spring is my prefered season
everything is fresh and vibrant
and the promise of months of light and warmth
inspires hope and longing

i was looking for a springtime 
quote and found this:

             a man has every season

                         while a  w o m a n

                      only has the right

                         to spring

jane fonda 

i am not sure i agree with these sentiments
fortunately we live in a world where woman are claiming
their right to be vibrant and beautiful whatever their age
the transient nature of youth & beauty is the essence of life
(& yet it is hard to grow old)


gallerydarrow said...

Spring is the onset of summer and summers here are misery, spring scares me :)

Heidi said...

In Alaska there really is no Spring it goes right to summer Bummer huh! I love Spring too and I love your floral...

Rebekah Leigh said...

I adore spring, it is hopeful and happy, bring on the sunshine and flowers!

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