Tuesday, 25 January 2011

lille last summer...

(terrible to wish one's life away)

can't wait for the season to shift

everything is more palatable in the sun

here are a few shots of lille
taken last summer for your 


so much to love =

(the french, landscape (just not here in nord/pas calais dept 59), gastronomy, cheese! wine,
antiques, l'heure d'aperitif, brocantes, culture, chateaus/houses)...

so much to hate =

(the french! lack of work ethos/35 hour week, banks closed on mondays, shops close at midday, 
shops closed on sunday, maddening bureacracy (touching all aspects of life), 
draconian banking regulations, lack of rights for self employed,
apalling lack of creativity in education (i'll explain in a later post), 
give way to the right on mainroads? general tunnel vision and apathy)...

(believe me; better admired from afar or as a holiday destination)



Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I love this balance of the great and the good v's the bad and the ugly. I here you sista! hmmmm is this why you are moving to Spain :)

Pinecone said...

Of course your photos are fabulous. Everything in France always looks perfect to me...knowing nothing about real life there. Very interesting to hear the good and the bad.
I agree, a change of season sounds pretty good right now. On the other hand, I hate when I wish it away.
I will be interested to read further posts.

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

That said....I couldn't go back to living in central London after living in rural France. My life is better here than where is was. Whether that is down to geography...well, I'll never really know.

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