Tuesday, 11 January 2011

the root of all evil...


love it or hate it we all need, at least, a little of it .

yes indeed it is the root, or is it route, of all evil.

as i get older i realise that my chances of being sooper dooper 
rich are slim, (read non - existant)
i haven't chosen a rich man, an easy path or 
invented any groovy gadget and i ain't a stunner!

all this is ok with me but this quote kinda sums it up

I have never been in a situation 
      where having money made it worse
Clinton Jones (former american footballer)


gallerydarrow said...

Never is hard work without reward or reward without hard work..........so love what you do even though it may not bring monetary riches.

I'm with you and Clinton, xoxo

Heidi said...

Amen amen amen!!

I always say my ship is coming in even if I have to pull it.....But Linda were rich in friends!

LAURA!!! said...

money sucks
unless I have it. then I am ok with it and will try not to complain, but until then,
money sucks.

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