Wednesday, 12 January 2011

grand opening...

my life is in a state of change. 
my house is up for sale and i am planning on moving south.

really south. 


ola mrs blue skys ahoy! 

with this in mind i am diversifying.
i plan to continue to sell my vintage object finds via 

i plan to continue 'to try and sell' (haha), my vintage paper finds via

and a new project 
                  assemblage jewellery
made from 
            vintage delights 

i plan to try and sell my assemblage jewellery via


Voyager said...

Bon Jour Princess,
It's funny aint it, I've been in France for a little under two years and my knowledge of the French language stretches to little more than just "hello" (shows how interested in the French language in am eh).
It's good to see that you are remaining productive and your sites are looking very good baby.
I will be looking forward to comming home to you but first I have much work to do to reach my targets to be able to come home princess.
keep up the good work and I'll still kepp plodding along over here in "Blighty", still thinking of you and love you the whole world.

Voyager said...

Yes indeedy, thank god for macdo's, if not for the "fast food that makes you sick quick", they still have some usefull uses hehe.

Heidi said...

Momma I love your new jewelry venture.....beautiful creations!!
Beautiful Miss Talented!

LAURA!!! said...

I really am liking Gems not Junk. spot on.
Good luck with your new ventures. Change is good, exciting, exhausting. xo

Punctuation Mark said...

so many plans!!! wish you tons of luck with everything!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

wow! big changes already for the New Year - your starting it with fireworks! - new shops and a big will be a bit closer to Venice perhaps?

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Love your new plans and jewellry - go for it!

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