Wednesday, 29 December 2010

yesterday dirty today clean...

firstly i feel compelled to apologise for airing my dirty washing yesterday
secondly today here is some clean...

(soon to be in my etsy store)

and a huge thanks to all of you who soldiered 
through yesterdays dirgy (?) lament
and especially for your positive comments; 
you are the tops no denying...

and finally a little cheery ditty:

i'm sorry i'm a misery
it ain't truly my real way
i'll try to be more cheery
and brighter every day


Heidi said...

What are those fabric, tablecloths, linens?
very nice...and I love how you have a way with words miss creative talent thing!

Anonymous said...

I joined your blog simply because of your last post.

It is rare to find such truth on here. Most people prefer to show only the best side.

I like that you were real.
Sucks about the parentals. You are not alone in that ...I too have been the black sheep for more than 21 years now, and quite prefer it.
Who needs all the Bull Shit?

Now, off to business, I gotta check out the rest of your blog.


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

it's ok ..sometimes life is a misery..not always.

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