Thursday, 30 December 2010

for handsome...

i was listening to the radio in my bedroom when i heard, 
for the first time, the track 'the river' 
by bruce springsteen. i was 16 and i immediately grabbed 
my pennies caught the bus to croydon, in london, 
and promptly bought the album in whsmith. 

springsteen is my hero! 

not the loud born in the usa in your face rock tracks but the ballads. 
i have seen him in concert numerous times in the uk; 
his cracked and gravely voice has been with me through thick and thin 
and one day i dream of seeing him live in the states. 

dispel judgement, take a moment and watch this video clip. 
one of my favorites...


Simone said...

Hi Linda! I found you through Silver Pebble's blog. I was just reading a few posts back and noted that you haven't been having such a great time. Well, a new year is on the horizon. I am going to go into the new year with a postive attitude (usually a born pessimist me!)Maybe we can encourage each other to keep our spirits raised?! x

Heidi said...

That was beautiful who knew those men could make a beautiful song together....So your a Bruce fan how about Rod Stewart?

Pinecone said...

Lucky you to have seen him in concert many times...I never have, but would love to.

Have a wonderful New Year!!

gallerydarrow said...

Beautiful song, who is the Bruce look a like? I really never followed his music but I'm recently learning how to appreciate it. Funny how gates open and things like that happen. I think I got turned off early on.

Spain! Sounds like a better warmer climate for you.


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