Friday, 26 November 2010

recipe from the other side...

Lying in bed this past wednesday morn I was presented with crumpets and this tale:

Mr handsome was getting domestic in the house and kitchen; 
unloading our savory haul of English scoff goodies.
Mr ‘h’ makes a mean curry for those with the constitution of an ox. 
My son and I are light-weights and so he prepares all our ingredients with his, 
but then allows us to season less liberally!
 I digress. 
‘h’ is a fascinating chap! 
There is not a lot this man cannot do 
and in recent months he has been having visits from spirits. 
(I realize this is hard for many to accept and have stopped talking with 
friends and family about everyday otherside contacts to avoid general scepticism).
n° 1. visitor is his lovely nana who gives daily support and guidance.
(this can mean large issues but often is just everyday trivia).
As a little girl she grew up in india where, no doubt, 
her appreciation of Indian cuisine was honed.
when alive mr  ‘h’ shared many happy hours in his nana’s company 
enjoying her culinary spicy concoctions. 
His favorite was when she made her ‘budgies’, onion bhajees.
Since knowing  handsome he has often spoken of this delight and 
often wondered how she made them.
In London, after a little detective work, we visited the thriving Indian quarter 
in tooting and bought the necessary ingredients.
curry king ‘h’ is  a tad limited in the kitchen and 

still had no idea of what to do with his haul.

whilst arranging our shopping and chatting to himself he said

‘ what the hell do I do with this?’
Immediately , making him jump a little, nana piped up telling him what to do:

fresh chilli's, onions, coriander, cumin or tumeric, gram flour, water, oil

makes about 20 'budgies'

finely chop the chilli's, onion and coriander.
you can choose as many chilli's as you can manage/desire! 
about 5 medium onions and a bunch of fresh coriander.

mix in a bowl with gram flour to create a balanced mixture.

add water to create a kind of paste/batter. runny but kind of solid!

heat oil until really hot and spoon in a desert spoonful of mixture,
deep fry until golden...

et voila. boy they were delicious thanks nana...


Chrissy said...

Mmhh...delicious!!! Like the pictures!!
Thanks for the sweet comments! Je suis tres heuruex (hope that's right hahaha)!
Have a great day!

Michele Payne said...

That's the coolest blog recipe ever!! Love the pics and the story, just a shame I can't cook - I'll have to ask Mr Gorgeous to have a go!! :) love it xx
ps. thanks for stopping by with encouragement - it warms my cockles xx

shari @ little blue deer said...

Delightful! I love all of the pictures, Mr. Deer is in the kitchen right now, woo hoo! XX!

Heidi said...

Oh dear were tied, must put my gloves on!!!!

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