Monday, 29 November 2010

the gloves are finally off...

heidi in alaska
Is a very friendly chick
With lots of friendly followers
she kinda makes me sick

                                                                we have a sporting challenge
                                                                        to see who can be top
                                                                              the last day of december
                                                                       will be the day we stop

I like to think I’m liked
(my head is oh so large)
So followers I need
enough to fill a barge

                                                        so one ‘n all who read this
                                             push the button now
                                                   I’ll be your bestest friend
                                                                  (though I’m a sneaky cow)

I know I’m kinda nasty
but you need to understand
I simply cannot bear
victory  slipping  from my hand

                       and to give her a sporting chance, (spit)...


abigail said...

ha! done.
can't resist a rhyme.

LAURA!!! said...

haha love this. I'd follow you twice if I could. Guess I'll head on over to say hi to her now :)

Krystal said...

funny :)

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

hilarious rhyme! But I'm already a follower...

gallerydarrow said...

Hi haaa I love you already!!!!!
off to join, good luck!

Jude said...

You are too funny!!

Heidi said...


Alex York said...

re: yes, it is ;) I love mumford and suns <3

Alex York said...

I mean sons not suns ;P

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

tee hee, who's in the winning lead now?

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