Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I am missing home, although technically I guess that I am home.
Born in London but out of the country for 12 years and London no
longer has a hold over me. With age and absence the big city lights
shine less bright. Certainly I have changed.

View of the village called 'home' in Spain courtesy of Storm or Cherry

Here is a list of the things that I miss from home, Spain, since 
returning to the UK: 

Storm. My lost miniature Schnauzer. The light. 
The warmth. The sun. The beach. The landscape. Spanish ham.

Simple pleasures/simple living/simple life.  

If you were in a similar situation what do you think you would miss most?

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Chrissy said...

I am absolutely in the same situation. Having lived in the US for 7 years in total, I miss it so very much ever since returning to Germany. I miss everything about it, our friends, the food, the travel and shopping possibilities...the entire lifestyle we had there! It's awful feeling heartbroken for not being able to be there right now. Hang in there and know you are not alone! xxx

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I'm a bit in limbo between two places now that are both kind of 'home'. I suppose in time my new 'home' will feel more like Home - but for now - I do actually miss the space and the silence of rural France (although there are down sides to this also). London was my home for 10 years and I loved it whilst I was there, but when I left I realised that there were lots of things that I put up with and ignored. We live the best we can in whatever environment and wherever we find ourselves. A bit of sun and the simple life sounds good to me x

linda dacey said...

sun simple life and a bit of security = perfection x ... ***
thanks for the comments gals.

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