Friday, 1 March 2013

it's all in the details

These days folks often talk of positivity and creative visualisation
to help create good energy and great results - I am a firm believer
in this philosophy but I also believe that luck plays a major part in
one's life, I wonder whether you agree?

For many years luck has not seen fit to shine upon me! and if it
were as easy as 'making your own luck', as many claim, I should be
sitting rather pretty today.

However, being back in the UK and speaking to fellow self employed
creatives I realise that I am not alone in this dilemma. Whilst
vindicating me this makes me sad and a tad angry. Luck is important
but mindsets need to change to encourage small businesses and
artist/makers who are struggling in this worldwide recession caused by
the greed and oftentimes corruption of the big boy fat cats.

Details work in progress Linda Dacey 2013

Last night I watched a slot on the TV talking about the importation
of 16,000 containers of mass produced goods, from China into England.
Everything from electrical goods to plastic fantastic. This, to my mind
is sheer folly as most of this stuff will ultimately end up buried in 
Uk landfill sites. The British bank RBS, which due to complete
incompetance is now owned by the British taxpayer, once again
made a monumental loss and yet plans to pay out massive bonuses
to top employees! And British farmers who comply to EU directives
for animal husbandry are unable to remain competitive and meat
is thus imported in from European neighbours.

It is all in the details: Surely each nation should limit imports
and strive to be as self sufficient as much as possible thus creating
a smaller footprint on this our fragile world?

If you have read this:

I realise that I am preaching to the converted and
I wish to thankyou for your continued support
and point out that I realise how lucky I am
to have you as my wee audience.
This sanctimonius sister hopes that Lady Luck shines bright upon you!

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polkadotpeticoat said...

I know how talented you are.....Heidi

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

indeed, indeed! There is just too much 'cheap' - I'm not sure we understand the value of things anymore. Some things are just so inexpensive that we should be asking 'why?'. Oh, it is a topic too large for a blog comment.

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