Monday, 25 March 2013

dare to be different

It has been bonkers since arriving back in the UK. As usual a few
curve balls have been hurled my way, things went a bit wonky,
but thanks to fantastic and generous friends things are back on track.

This week handsome arrives and we will be picking and pitching up
in a caravan for the foreseeable future! this is fun but rather
mad considering that between us we have 2 houses - sadly
both in areas of the world where it is impossible for us, for now,
to earn a living. This said it is good to be home, despite the damp and
grey skies, and to be able to enjoy the British way of life again.

Spotted this wee delight and whilst relieved that this isn't our
caravan appreciate that it could indeed be a little gem with
alot of love and know how. 

I never think of myself as alternative/bohemian but being here alone
in this situation I have had time to ponder and realise that I am -
luckily I am with a great man who supports me and my foibles
and is also content to live life on our own odd terms.

I blame my father for this inability of mine to conform! I vividly
remember him slipping out of his suit jacket at the evening dinner
table sighing "only another 15 years to go". You see he hated his job as
an electricity board clerk and was referring to when he could retire.
I was 16 at the time and remember thinking in my head: fuck me! 
At this very moment I vowed never to sell my soul to the corporate
devil and thus began my alternative journey which today finds me in
a caravan in Surrey for the time being.

Dad in the early 1980's.

Yet handsome and I are happy still. We laugh and love and have plans.

We have decided that it is time to factor in some security for the
grey and creaky joint years that loom ever larger and with this in
mind, our sleeves rolled up, the page is turned on the next chapter
of our out of the loop dream.

be joyful/dare to be different/be yourself.
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