Friday, 1 February 2013

make some lemonade

If God gives you Lemons make some Lemonade

Styled and Stitched Linda Dacey 2013
Living on a remote Finca in Spain leaves plenty of time for thinking,
and thinking I have been doing a plenty.
There is only one thing I love more, professionally speaking, than
Vintage and that is creating my Art.
With this triple dip/triple shit recession sales at Odd and Old have
continued to fall and in January sales totalled a mere £120.00. Now
this would not be a problem if it were a sideline, however as our primary
source of income it is a complete disaster. We only have food for 2 days
and then the cupboards are literally bare - nada. Bills loom large and
sleep is disturbed. Last night I dreamt I stole £100 from my
fathers account and spent most of my slumber pondering the dilemma
of how I could tell him of my deception! The night before i found
£15.00 on the pavement - funny fantasies if the situation weren't so
darn desperate! 
Not speaking Spanish leaves us at a disadvantage for finding
employment and even if fluent Spain is on it's knees and jobs are
scarce. Senor Handsome has started an online business selling
jewelry making supplies here, but with no previous online presence
business is, for now, slow.
Anyway when you hit bottom the only way is up.

Take a pause and listen up good to the words in this track - always
makes me smile..

Continuing on: In a recent conversation with Senor H he commented
that he believed that the reason I constantly procrastinated and side
stepped getting down and dirty with my Art was that I was afraid of
success. He explained that he felt that:

 I did not believe that I was ready -
"... you can't bake the cake without the ingredients ... "
he explained.
I think he has a point.
I also think that 'God' gave me a gift and that I have an obligation
to celebrate, channel and share it. I have decided to crawl out of the
shadows and stand proud and loud in the sunlight.
Note to self: So Linda you make the Art, network with potential clients
and sell... Simple! 
Goal in mind I have been mooching around online searching for
inspiration/information and I feel mighty lucky to have stumbled
upon this great and generous site, the abundant artist, which
I share with all you fellow creators.
Finally for today: I have no desire to live the cliche image of
starving artist in garret. A gal cannot live on love and lentils alone.
So please feel free to visit my new online store showcasing
affordable and original art and spread the word if you genuinely
like what you see:
Off now to whip up some Lemonade. Catchya later.
x ...   ***


polkadotpeticoat said...

You always inspire me and your work is front and center in my home....I'll do a post showing all my treasures from you.....after my party tonight!
I entered crazy town last night.....stressing!
Hugs Heidi

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I think January is generally a bad month for sales, triple, double dip or whatever. I LIKE the new shop - as you know, I've treasurised and will spread the word.

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