Wednesday, 6 February 2013

eye opener

I am learning alot of new tricks and tips about internet presence, 
self promotion, marketing and ultimately selling. This is an  
enormous and enormously complicated field. I am starting to 
pay particular attention to my backroom statistics to try and fathom 
who my particular audience are and more importantly what it is 
that appeals to them most. Statistics are interesting although 
difficult for me to fully understand.
Knowledge is power, as are contacts and luck.
People say that you can make your own luck and whilst this, to some
degree, may be true luck is luck and sometimes you just need to
get lucky.
To broaden my exposure on Etsy I have joined a team of likeminded
active and quality vintage sellers: etsyvintageelite Now this team is by
invite only - luckily I got an invitation.  Eve means business, the members
are committed and driven and often team generated treasuries are
featured on the Etsy homepage - no mean feat.
Yesterday thanks to a treasury by Heddy at  voladoravintage 
my fabric remnant received a front page airing and the result was
mighty interesting. Instead of my normal respectable 170 ish daily hits I
had a huge 900+ hits! I had over 100 people add my shop oddandold to
their favourites. Amazing what a bit of luck can do, except sad to say my
luck ran out and no new sales were generated. Still all exposure is
good and gratefully accepted and so I have to focus my eye on the 
long ball in this situation. Delayed gratification.


Another statistic that I have been mulling over recently are the
daily page visits to this very blog. Consistently it rates at around 50
hits a day. Who are you and why do you remain in the shadows? 
Often disappointed by the lack of participation I urge you to join in. 
I sometimes feel that this blog is only for dear and generous 'H' 
who offers constant support and interaction. Bless her.

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A symbiotic relationship indeed.
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polkadotpeticoat said...

I always wonder who these mysterious visitors are also, love the fabric!
How fun is that and I'm going to pray those visitors leave soon......Heidi

Greenorchid said...

Lovely fabric...

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