Tuesday, 8 January 2013

not really a hermit

Memory Culture mixed media Linda Dacey 2013

I am in a cocoon. I live in a Finca lost in fragrant pine forests and
established olive groves. If it were not for the internet I could be
labelled: hermit. This is an odd state of affairs to find myself in. 
By nature I am a social soul who enjoys the company and
discourse of others. I am a loyal friend who finds herself many
miles from those who {luckily} value me. Thus I am isolated.
This is not such a bad thing as it means that distractions
are few and it is easier to concentrate the mind and focus
on important details: create + network.

There is, however, a wee weevil in this flour sack o' mine:
the lack of constructive criticism for my art. For it is surely
difficult to be the judge of one's own children.

Of God and Man Remnant mixed media Linda Dacey 2013 

Our Lady Remnant mixed media Linda Dacey 2013

Please and thanking you  kindly:
give this hermit here some honest feedback.

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polkadotpeticoat said...

i love your work, so that is my constructive criticism...your so creative, its just a matter of getting your work out there to be seen, I look at some who have 1000's of followers and have shops and its mind boggling that your not one of them selling out of your art and treasures......your very talented Linda!
We just need to market you somehow....I'll get the button on today!!!

Simonas street said...

I think it's very pretty, I just wonder about the hanging. Are these solid blocks or are they on paper? You have to be able to see how you can place them in your home . That was my only thought! Love your blog btw, very inspiring!



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