Wednesday, 30 January 2013

better 'h' ?

Yesterday Heidi at The Polkadot Petticoat kindly left me an 
interesting comment with a suggestion about how I could/should 
photograph my art and thus perhaps generate more interest 
and ultimately sales. She smartly suggested photographing pieces 
in some sort of domestic context. 

{Sadly my home arrangement leaves me little options
as I live in a work in progress/building site!]

So 'H' with your advice resonating in my head this is what I 
have managed to come up with...

Meanwhile I have decided to open yet another Etsy shop to
solely showcase my artistic creations. I will be loading new delights 
daily so please pop by and share if it floats your boat...

x ...   ***


polkadotpeticoat said...

Love love love it....I hope I didn't sound like a bust body sitting in my Snow bank....if I did please forgive me!

linda dacey said...

you didn't
i really appreciated your feedback
x ... **

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