Tuesday, 22 January 2013

against the odds

(I take a risk with this post as everyone loves a winner}

laugh and the world laughs with you/cry and you cry alone

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I watched a film on You Tube the other day about the life 
of Jane Austen. I know that I have mentioned previously that
I am a sucker for a quality period drama/film and there is
certainly a wealth of great while away a moment corset and 
cliche drama out there. The story is obviously all important,
I will not waste time on saccharine waffle, yet it is the  houses,
interiors and costumes that truly absorb me.

I believe this is a legacy thanks to my parents taking us, on 
weekend forays, to museums, stately homes, castles and gardens.
Happy memories lost in mazes at, perhaps, Hampton Court 
or Hever Castle - I remain fascinated by the Tudors [recently
watched all 4 series on You Tube - highly recommended!] 

hever castle and my family and I 

Anyway the point of this post is, in a roundabout way to simply say


I have never in my life been so darn poor/broke despite my 
continued solid work ethic, and to be honest I am scared.
And so back to the Jane Austen film - there was a line 
in a scene in which  Jane's father counsels his daughter about
the possible outcome of refusing the marriage proposal of a dull yet 
extremely wealthy man: it resonated loud:

"... there is nothing like poverty to kill a persons' spirit..."

I continue to work hard daily and wish for very little except 
my daily bread and a mighty thick slice of luck with a slathering 
of butter and perhaps a kiss of jam.

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polkadotpeticoat said...

Your such a cutie.....this was a lovely post Momma!
Jane Austin what a treasure! Heidi

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

marmalade and toast is my preferred tipple.

not to make light of your the serious sentiments expressed in this

agreed...poverty does indeed suck....big time

as a wise person once said 'I don't know a single problem or situation that wasn't improved by adding money'

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