Wednesday, 3 October 2012


The Bird and the Eiffel Tower.
Hand Finished Digital Print. Linda Dacey 2012
I am happy but I am disillusioned. I know where I am and
yet I am lost. I see my destination clear but am unsure
of my route. I am tired and still energised - creatively.
This life is a tad short of a sort of madness.
Wednesday Wonder
I am not a great one for knitting. However, as a little
girl I was for some long while absorbed in finger knitting
- a skill which against all logic has even come in useful
in recent years! I find it fascinating how no random experience
or skill acquired in life, willingly or unwillingly, often
reappears/appears to be invaluable later on against the
odds. Anyway today's offering is a circular knitting needle,
which while I struggle to comprehend it's usefulness fully,
is I am sure of great use to someone out there who perhaps
has a penchant for knitting up tubes! I found this in Belguim
some time back and was drawn to it's utilitarian typographic
packaging; I have kept one for myself and it is happily
displayed in my curiosity cabinet.
£6.00 including worldwide shipping.

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Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I think this is the burden that we artists must bear...a perpetual unknowing, a constant felling of being a little bit adrift.
The only way to survive it, I guess, is to accept it is part of the game and that without the struggle the work wouldn't be half as good! Sigh....I feel this is somewhat inadequate. Perhaps the route seems, right now, a bit obscured - but looking back, maybe you can see the pattern of how you got where you are - and where, in the future you ARE going.

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