Monday, 3 September 2012

back with a fizzle giveaway/link share...

been feeling lost and overwhelmed for a while now
i know what I want to do but am unsure of the path I need to take
so my summer ='d pause

that is not to say that I have not been working
rather I chose to not have a current daily online presence
a little quiet time to take stock/reflect/regroup/relax
the difficulty I face is not unique to myself
how can one create with a true and authentic voice
and still manage to pay the necessary:
**obvious {and preferred} solution 1: =  
a solvent/rich partner  happy to bankroll creative endeavours
{sadly handsome is indeed handsome but handsome is penny poor}
– but hey a girl can dream
** obvious {and least preferred} solution 2: =
get a job = sell my soul to the devil
easier said than done in the current world crisis
{especially when you are living between different countries as I am}
– although I have been picking carobs and cleaning holiday lets
this summer to make ends meet which shows that for all my
grand ideals I am willing to get down and dirty when desperate
for a dish of gruel…
** obvious {and do-able} solution 3: =
get busy and get busier online…
so here I am back and ready to experiment with a few newly acquired tricks
to help generate traffic love and ultimately income:
odd and old has been live for a while now
but apart from heidi  and cari and a few other loyal followers
{you know who you are}
I oftentimes feel I am blowing into the breeze
posting into the www void

{being an artist is a lonely business}
we all need love and encouragement
and comments are the fuel I crave to continue
and through my pause moment I have come to realise
that content value and community are the key
and so I am winging it here
this is a work in progress
I have no real feel of how this is going to pan out
but I do have plans
hopefully this blog and my other new blog {talent trawl}
will be richer in content more generous in spirit
and a must read for many a more

and so along with a few parties/dips in the med/tapas and brocantes
that was a synopsis of my summer swiftly shared
and so to traffic/love generating trick numbers 1 and 2
a combined back with a fizzle giveaway/link share

giveaway = vintage french ticking/vintage french key/
vintage greek prayer offering
handstitched/embroidered bunny by me

join in below and share a fav post at yours from this summer
and get your name in the hat for this fab giveaway

only thing I ask in return is that you share the love

{and publicise if you are feeling super generous}
and link back here to odd and old
{closing date = 17/09/12}
and finally {phew i hear you say}
cos this is indeedy a long’un
a new to be daily support a struggling artist shop feature:

monday moment/tuesday treasure/wednesday wonder
/thursday treat/friday find
fertility talisman 2012 linda dacey
one off original assemblage created in mixed media
hand embroidered on vintage french mattress ticking/found wood morsel
freestanding or wall hanging
h: 7.5cm w: 11.5cm d: 8cm
£28.00 free worldwide shipping


Sassy Breese said...

Hello Linda, nice to meet you. Found you through your comment at Tea Wagon Tales.
I relate to your ramble about seeking direction (hmmm....does the blog name Muddle Puddle kinda make this obvious?)
Where I live, it is the change of season. Never been much of one for New Year's Resolutions but I think Autumn Resolutions could be a good initiator of change and help establish direction.
I have linked to you, one of my prettiest blogs. It was a very fine evening with good memories. Hope you enjoy.

gallerydarrow said...

Hi Linda,

I'm glad to see you back here though I know it can be really exhausting to keep at it all. I'm glad you were able to hang it up and connect to your other life though. Sometimes I dream of a job where the day is plotted out and you shut the door and go home at the end of it. Then I'm instantly grateful I get to make art, it's a difficult balancing act, this I know.

xo Ro

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I think you picked a good time to be not so on-line. Summer is always a bit slow I think. On Etsy, on the blog - people get busy I think doing their summer stuff. And oh, it is a struggle. I think the key to creative work is LOTS of income streams - and if some of them are not so creative, then that is ok. I am doing a nice line in 'Conversational English' classes at the moment. Keeps me on my toes!

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Hi Linda!
Thanks for your lovely comment.My first from a fellow likeminded blogger....
Sooo glad you liked my delinquent Miss Polly!
I am looking forward to your givaway and will share the 'lurve' on mine with a link too....
until later,
Daisy (as in Lazy)


Hi there lovely Linda, and thanks for adding me here! I so love your bunny!!! you must sew more things and so must I!! somtimes it hard to work out what to do next but you've inspired me to stop faffing and od something so I hope the feeling is occassionally mutual. This blog and your new one are looking fantastic, stick with it and glad you're settling into Spain so well. Can I be included in the giveaway too? I'm going to blog about it on mine now too...xxxx

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