Tuesday, 10 January 2012

it ain't exactly style...

so the plan

                    to buy a small abode
                    with a small garden

                                            so the reality

                                                bought a small abode
                                                with 1.5 hectares
                                                of almond olive and fir trees

m  a  d

tell me
whats a gal to do
with all this land...

the trade off here in spain is this
small townhouse no garden/small country house lots o land

so welcome to the finca almendros
(or property of almonds)

living in one room for now
we are fortunate to have mains water
a rarity in the 'campo'
but no electricity or gas

its amazing what you can do
with a small generator
and a 12 volt car battery and invertor

roll on february when the solar system is installed

bottom lefthand image
you can spot my shower
class eh?



Cari-Jane Hakes said...

can it possibly be worse than my shower??

Vintage Jane said...

Jealousy is a bad emotion but I am envious ... can't help it! M x

C o w R o a d said...

I am looking and looking for a shower but all I see is an orange tub, which could be a kind of shower of course...
So, I take it you're staying in Spain now??? Very confusing all but it does look very adventurous! :-)

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