Friday, 21 October 2011

quality not quantity...

as i said i did not buy an awful lot in istanbul
in part due to high price tags
        in part due to not liking what i saw
                   and i am quite sure
in part due to not finding the best area to hunt

still the little i got pleases me

now these i love
they are late 1800's
turkish greek orthodox prayer tokens
i found them in a small and dusty shop
in the centre of the grand bazaar
sorry to say not cheap
but unusual and darn cute

and these are rather fantastic says i
again late 1800's turkish
hand carved pinewood hand guards
to protect the fingers and knuckles when scything
i love an unusual find which is super decorative
and can imagine these on the wall
with a single stem dried flower or suchlike

officially my full etsy odd and old shop
will not be open again until 3rd november
as i am here and my stock is there
yet i am listing these delights
in a moment should you be so inclined

happy days



polkadotpeticoat said...

you found some very unusual finds!
happy hunting Momma.

Vintage Jane said...

Wow, love the prayer tokens and the hand guards ... at first sight I thought they were rather odd shoes for a three toed person!!! M x

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